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Business Overview & Evaluation

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The goal of this initial overview and evaluation service is to fully understand your business, your offerings, your challenges, your current and/or tentative marketing & business development strategies and your working style so we can help you apply decades of experience to strengthening and improving your efforts.


This “getting to know you” approach is designed to quickly surface information specific to you and your current situation that you can use to immediately take steps to improve your business.


Scott Buhrmaster will spend focused, personalized time with you on the phone, via computer and/or in person and explore what you’ve done, what you want to do and possibly some things you’ve never thought to do. We’ll discuss what has worked for you and what hasn’t and offer suggestions for initial adjustments based on others’ experiences – some at the highest levels – that can be helpful in enhancing your company. And for those just starting out, we’ll help you take your first key steps into the marketing realm. We’re here to work with you, coach you, and help! Rest assured, we will.

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