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Law Enforcement Speaker Representation

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For those interested in or already involved with special event appearances as a guest speaker, The Buhrmaster Group offers Speaker Representation services designed to surface and secure speaking opportunities, handle bookings and agreements and help leverage awareness of your appearances.


If you have knowledge and insights to share with groups of all sizes at professional law enforcement conferences, national meetings, and regional gatherings, The Buhrmaster Group is here to provide help with:


• Finding and securing appearance opportunities.

• Positioning yourself and your presentation.

• Identifying important and “saleable” topics that will attract the attention of event coordinators.

• Create, structure and refine your presentation to ensure maximum impact.

• Handle the “business side,” from compensation negotiations and securing agreements to logistics considerations.

• Ensuring that you fully leverage your appearance as a marketing opportunity for you, your business and future appearances.


You speak. We’ll handle the rest!

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