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Marketing Advice & Support

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Getting the word out about your training, services, and/or products can be a major challenge. If you’re like most, you’ve got four key questions when it comes to marketing:


• What should I do?

• How should I do it?

• How much is it going to cost?

• Is it working…and is it worth it?


The Buhrmaster Group will help you find the answers. We’re here to offer businesses of all sizes experienced, practical and understandable advice on ways you can:


• Gain exposure without breaking your budget.

• Use your creativity, content and connections to support—and even drive—your marketing efforts.

• Effectively increase course attendance, revenue and awareness of your company.

• Strengthen both your brand recognition and your brand reaction.

• Avoid common marketing mistakes that can cost you money, time and opportunity.

• Leverage students, instructors and staff to help your company drive forward.

• Decide where best to invest…and learn from experience how to recognize when “obvious” and “necessary” marketing investments may actually be unadvisable.

Our marketing evaluation and support services are designed to speak directly to your unique needs. We’ll help you evaluate the full marketing spectrum in terms of your business and budget—from conventional and creative marketing to social media strategies and “guerilla marketing” tactics—and take a deep dive into your specific situation and offer advice and services that realistically meet your needs, abilities and goals.

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