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Audience and Lecturer

Course Development & Improvement

Scott Buhrmaster has worked with some of the top law enforcement instructors in the industry and has been involved with course development on many levels involving a broad range of topics and program structures. 

Through The Buhrmaster Group, Scott offers insights that can help you:

• Structure new courses and evaluate the effectiveness of your existing courses.

• Identify topics within your area(s) of expertise that lend themselves to supporting one or more class offerings.

• Ensure that your program “flows” logically and impactfully and that your students’ experiences with your programs are as powerful and memorable as they can be.

• Offer advice on how best to create and strengthen associated course materials and class take-aways.

• Surface spin-off opportunities that can help you go beyond face-to-face instruction and expand your offerings into online programs, print and electronic publications, speaking series, etc.

• Avoid common mistakes that may prevent you from reaching a top-tier level of instructional performance.

• Organize beta courses that can help you safely evaluate the likely success of your new courses before you release them in the open market.

• and much more…

In most cases, your program is your business. Don’t leave the quality of either to chance. The Buhrmaster Group offers you candid critiques and years of course creation experience to help ensure that every program your company offers is on the “must attend” list of law enforcement training courses.

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