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Chuck Remsberg

Co-founder, Calibre Press, Inc. & author of the Street Survival® series

Former Director of Special Projects, PoliceOne®

Former Editor-in-Chief; Force Science® News

“I have worked very closely with Scott Buhrmaster at some of the nation’s top training organizations for decades, beginning with my own when he joined Calibre Press, Inc. in 1989. Throughout that time, I have had the opportunity to witness first-hand his business acumen, powerful brand development abilities, creativity, and impressive relationship building skills. Scott has the rare ability to successfully combine his understanding of the needs and sensitivities of law enforcement with his extensive background in developing law enforcement training programs and businesses. Whether you’re involved with a large training company or other law enforcement service provider or you’re an independent trainer trying to launch your company, the knowledge and experience Scott Buhrmaster offers can revolutionize your marketing, development and expansion efforts.”


Brian Willis

President & CEO; Winning Mind Training, Inc.

Deputy Executive Director; Int’l Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Assoc.

“I have great respect for Scott as a person and as a businessman. I wish I had access to him 14 years ago when I started my own training business. Every trainer who runs – or wants to launch – a training company should be aware of the critical information he has to offer. His 30 years of experience and track record of success can help improve law enforcement by ensuring that high quality training is being provided by trainers who are thriving in their own practices.”


Alexis Artwohl, Ph.D.

Internationally recognized trainer, author and behavioral science consultant to law enforcement

"I have known and worked closely with Scott Buhrmaster for over 20 years. He has spent his professional life supporting and training cops and has been a key player in the success of nationally known law enforcement training companies. Working with law enforcement is more than just a business for him; it’s also a calling. He’s one of those lucky people who realized early on that he had been chosen for a mission and he has followed it with passion and dedication. Scott has all the personal qualities I look for in a friend: honest, caring, funny, trustworthy, and smart. It is a pleasure and an honor to call him my colleague and my friend."

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Michael Loughery

President, Looseleaf Law Publications, Inc.

“Almost  20 years ago we had the good fortune to bring Scott Buhrmaster on board as a member of the Looseleaf Law team. At that time we were only publishing statute books for the criminal justice community in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Having developed considerable insight into that market, it was apparent that there was a wealth of talent and a need for publications to service this community on a national level. We also acknowledged the fact that we lacked the marketing skills and insight as to the best choice of topics and the authors that would insure us of success. If not for Scott’s expertise and ability to connect with this diverse market our successful endeavor would never have happened.

As a result of his efforts we have chosen topics that meet the needs of not only police trainers, but have enhanced the careers of even the most seasoned veterans. Through his in-depth relationship with this community our titles have been adopted as required reading for police academies, criminal justice programs and promotion exams. We have achieved brand recognition at the national level and you would be hard pressed to find an individual in law enforcement that doesn’t recognize our name.

Scott has personally overseen the creation of over 120 manuscripts, working with the authors to ensure that their material is presented in a clear and concise manner, often editing their material with overwhelming approval. He has authored all of the related cover material and press releases for each of those editions, as well as seeing to it that advertising gets the best return on our investment. The relationships that he has developed often pay off with free press and great reviews. As a result of his words we always achieve above average online visibility.

He has a wealth of knowledge and the ability to grasp new topics, in addition his personality gives him the ability to develop working relationships with even the most eccentric individuals.

Scott has been a powerful asset to Looseleaf Law and I recommend him without reservation.”

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